From Freelance to Full-Time Employment

Tommy Nguyen

8$ per lead
via Paid Social on Facebook and Instagram

In the competitive world of photography, breaking through the noise and establishing oneself as a successful freelancer can be a daunting task. Tommy, a seasoned professional photographer with five years of experience, faced the challenges of standing out in a crowded market, struggling to turn his passion into a full-time profession. However, his story took a remarkable turn when he partnered with RAISE Agency ApS for social media marketing services.

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Turning Dreams into Reality: Overcoming Hurdles and Generating Leads at $8 Each

RAISE Agency ApS conducted a comprehensive analysis of Tommy’s brand, identifying key areas for improvement. The team worked closely with Tommy to create a tailored social media marketing strategy that highlighted his unique style and showcased his portfolio effectively.

Over the course of three months, the collaboration between Tommy and RAISE Agency ApS yielded outstanding results. The social media marketing campaigns orchestrated by the agency not only attracted attention but also converted curious onlookers into over 100 qualified leads. These leads, thoroughly vetted and tailored to Tommy’s ideal client profile, translated into tangible business opportunities.

"One of the standout achievements of RAISE Agency ApS was the ability to generate high-quality leads at an astonishingly low cost – just $8 per lead. This remarkable feat not only expanded my reach but also ensured a steady stream of potential clients who were genuinely interested in his photography services."

Among other things, the digital strategy included the following solutions:


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