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ROAS: 7,229%
Turnover of DKK 360,000+ in four weeks

At the end of 2018, we took on this assignment for the bike shop 'Sali', during which time we have acted responsibly concerning Facebook and Google marketing. At that time, some of the main competitors were Føtex and Bilka. We implemented a marketing strategy, which would put these bikes from the bike shop on the front page when searching for ’ladies bikes’, ‘bike model name’ and other specific search words. Specifically, it took a long time to acquire a high ranking on Google; however, today, they are amongst the first bikes on Google Shopping advertisements.

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Giants severely challenged in the bike industry

At the end of 2018, we were contacted by the bike shop, which had a number of requests concerning product searches and sales.

This bike shop urged to challenge this market, which up until then had been dominated by well-established, competitive brands. Not least the particularly fierce competition for the customers.

Through a thorough analysis, we decided that we had reached realistic objectives by means of applying the right strategy, as well as a correct implementation subsequently.

”We have worked with ’RAISE Agency’ for several years, which has pleased us more than satisfactorily. The employees are always helpful and very flexible. Several times, they have been asked to amend/fix something on our website after office hours, which they always do for me with a smile. They are fully aware of what they are doing, and they act very professionally! 'RAISE Agency’ has the right employees for the job and, when I work with them, I sense their high level of knowledge, whilst feeling safe and secure around them. You’ll find the best prices on the market, just as you’ll get your money’s worth. A very warm recommendation.”


Among other things, the digital strategy included the following solutions:


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